My 1000 days at 3beards

When I started to work at 3beards in June 2013 I knew very little about startups. Mike and Joe were looking for a web developer and I was lucky enough to join the team as employee number one and help them shape the future of the company. It wasn’t long until I felt at home in a startup and amongst startups. That was also my opportunity to focus on developing one product and get better at it.

2014 in my running shoes

I haven’t always been a keen runner. Having asthma as a child I actually used to hate any sport that involved running. Over time, however, I’ve tried to work on this. I now find myself going for the occasional run - and, dare I say it, enjoying it! I’ve come a long way and to celebrate this I’ve decided to challenge myself.

Focus on what makes you happy

The other day as I was on a walk I found myself wondering if I was happy with my life. The ultimate answer is yes, and people who know me know I am happy, but I wanted to dig deeper because I think it’s worth taking some time to think about it. Happiness is something that is not easy to define or even understand, and I feel like people often forget what it means.

This is why I grew a beard

Last June I quit my role as a Web Developer and Project Manager in a web design agency, only to join the 3beards in their mission to grow the tech community. It has been an amazing journey so far and I feel like a changed man. I wanted to outline the reasons for this move and also what impact it has had on me.

How I did my website in one day

One day. That’s all it took me to put this website together. It’s not a perfect piece of work; it certainly needs to be improved but here we are. It happened and today it’s here for you to see. One day is a fair amount of time but the task can be tricky and take longer than we think in the first place. I’ll try to explain here how I did this.